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Secretariat Assistant/Auditor 2013

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Secretariat Assistant/Auditor 2013 Examination

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1) Which fuel has the highest Calorific Value ?
2) Which rocket was launched by ISRO during its 100th mission?
3) The Chief Minister of Uttrakhand is ---------------
4) Speed of Blue color light in vacuum is:
5) The 59th National Film Award for Best Director was won by:
6) The Booker Prize winner 2012 is -------------------------
7) The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to -----------------------
8) ICT T20 World Cup winner of 2012 is -----------------
9) Diverging lens produces -------------------- type of images.
10) The Minister for Cooperation in Kerala is:
11) The process used to produce Ammonia is :
12) Yellow light is a combination of -------------------- primary colors.
13) 2007 Nobel price for Chemistry was awarded to:
14) In which direction does rainbow appear in the morning?
15) Which lamp has the highest energy efficiency?
16) Whos is the President of France
17) The 5th state of matter is:
18) God's particle is the pseudonym of -----------------------
19) Who won the women's 100 meter Gold in 2012 London Olympics :
20) The non-metal which exists in liquid state at room temperature is:

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