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Secretariat Assistant/Auditor 2007

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Secretariat Assistant/Auditor 2007 Examination

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1) Razia Sultana (Raziya Sultan)was the only woman monarch who ruled  Delhi.Her rule lasted only for four years and following a revolt by the city’s nobles she was killed.When didi she ascend the thrne of Delhi?
2) We study viruses because they cause many infectious diseases. Which of the following diseases is not a viral disease?
3) During the British rule which river in Kerala was nicknamed as English Channel:
4) `Vellore Mutiny’ was the first instance of a mutiny by the Indian Sepoys against the British East India Company.It predates even the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 by nearly half a century.When did it take place?
5) The term `Light year’ is a unit employed in measuring:
6) The strait that separates the continent of Asia from North America is:
7) The dispute over the Himalayan border in Aksai Chin between the People’s Republic of China and India triggered the Sino-Indian Border war .This war began in:
8) Vembanad lake is the largest lake in Kerala. Which among he following districts does not border this lake
9) Which is the southernmost point of land in the territory of India?
10) Among the following districts of Kerala which one shares its border both with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu?
11) Which is the district last formed in Kerala?
12) Find the incorrect pair among the following :
13) The Central Tuber Crops Research Institute in Kerala is locates at Sreekaryam, Thiruvanathapuram. Where is the headquarters of Central Plantation Crops Research Institute located in Kerala?
14) Vijayanagara empire once extended over most of the peninsular India.It is named after its capital city Vijayanagara. As a result of defeat at the hands of an alliance of the sultanates the capital was brutally razed and looted.Where are the impressive ruins of this historic city found today?
15) In the great war of Kalinga in 260 BC,the Magadha King Ashoka foresworn violence and accepted Buddhism.The major portion of the Kalinga Kingdom was in the modern state of:
16) Marthanda Varma renovated the Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple of Thiruvanathapuram, and dedicated his new kingdom to his deity and ruled as the servant of the deity. When did this event take place?
17) While the river Kaveri (Cauvery) is nicknamed 'Dakshina Ganga' another river of South India is nicknamed 'Vriddha Ganga’, Which is that river?
18) In the following pairs of cities and their associated rivers. Whcih pairs is NOT correct?
19) Which is the correct scientific name applied for a `shooting star’?
20) Based on extensive and detailed scientific evidence, geologists have determined the age of the Earth. Which one of the following  figures is the closest to the present estimated age of the earth?
21) Velakali is a spectacular ritual and marital folk art of Kerala. Where did this artform take shape in Kerala?
22) The First Keralite who became a member of the Central Cabinet and served twice as Finance Minister.
23) Which region in Kerala is famous for its natural sandalwood forests?
24) "This mineral extensively found in Kerala is a primary ore of several rare earth metals most notably thorium, cerium and lanthanum”. Name the mineral which this statement refers to:
25) Which was the South Indian Dynasity that established its king dom with its capital at Kanchipuram in the 4th century and reigned the northern parts of Tamil region for about six hundred years?
26) The National Defence Academy of India is the premier national institute of military sciences,and fundamental training college for all prospective officers of the Indian Army, the Indian Air force and the Indian Navy. Name state in which it is located:
27) Among the following former Portuguese colonies in India which one is an island?
28) "It is the only hill station in Rajasthan. It is located at an elevation of 1220 metres. It is also the home to a number of famous Jain temples. The world headquarters of the Brahma Kumari order of lady renunciate is also located here". Which is that place?

29) Rani Lakshmi Bai, the fiery Queen of Jhansi, also known as the Rani of Jhansi, is a great nationalist heroine of the first war of Indian Freedom and a symbol of resistance to the British rule in India. She died in 1858 fighting the British. What was her original name given by her parents?
30) Name the year in which the Decimal System of coinage was introduced in India:
31) Which of the following statements regarding eclipses is incorrect?
32) The Gayatri Mantra is the most revered Vedic Mantra in Hinduism. Which Vedic sage is considered as the author of Gayatri Mantra?
33) At which location at the surface of the earth would an observer find the greatest force due to the Earth’s gravity?
34) Which one of the following characteristics is absent in a computer, how much sophisticated it may be?
35) Isotopes of an element contain the same number of:
36) What is the density of population of Kerala according to 2001 Census?
37) Vinegar is acidic in nature because of the presence of:
38) Cherrapunji world’s  wettest place, is located in:
39) When Greenwich time is 10 am, the corresponding  Indian Standard Time will be
40) Which types of mirror is used as a `rear-view’ mirror in vehicles?

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