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Secretariat Asstistant – Model 1

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Secretariat Asst./Audior Examination

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1) The figure of the god that was depicted in the seal of Indus Valley people are
2) Which of the following is most nearly the same in meaning as the phrase root out?
3) 'Nirvana' is associated with
4) When 60 is added to a number, the new number becomes 400% of the original number. What is the original number?
5) German silver is an alloy of
6) Which one of the following is the same in meaning as the word authentic?
7) The Aryans came to India from
8) The Indus valley houses were built of
9) In which of the following languages were the original Buddhist religious texts were written?
10) The famous ruler of ancient India who, towards the end of his life, is said to have converted to Jainism, was
11) Which of the following pairs of numbers is different from the rest?
12) Deep blue colour is imparted to glass by the presence of
13) Which of the following is the lightest metal?
14) How many pieces of 18.6 meters long cloth can be cut out of a length of 651 meters cloth?
15) Which of the following Harappan sites had a dock
16) She ----------------- me of stealing her money.
17) A party consists of grandmother, father, mother, five sons and their wives and two sons and one daughter to each of the sons. How many females are there in all?
18) In a certain code language, (A) 'PIT DAR NA' means 'you are good'; (B) 'DAR TOK PA' means 'good and bad' and (C) 'TIM NA TOK' means 'they are bad'. In that language which work stands for 'they'?
19) In a certain code NETWORKS is written as ODUVPQLR. How is COMPUTER written in that code?
20) He congratulated me --------------- my success in the annual exam.

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