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Tiles that suit you

Tiles are the most sought-after finish for walls and floors. They have a natural, handcrafted look and are durable and easy to maintain.

Image credit: The Hindu

There’s a huge variety in the market, making shopping interesting but also confusing. Broadly, tiles can be classified into mosaic, ceramic, terracotta, as well as natural stones such as marble, slate, granite and more.

The kind of tile you select will depend on where in the house you plan to use it. Some tiles are rated for indoor or outdoor use only, while others can be used anywhere.

Thus, the entrance or foyer areas will need a hard, abrasion- and moisture-proof tile, while the bathroom will need moisture-proof and non-slip tiles. A tile with glossy finish can be dangerous in a wet area or staircase. On the other hand, a highly textured tile can be hard to clean even if it is non-skid.

Unglazed ceramic tiles give a rustic look but are more difficult to clean while glazed ceramic tiles are stronger and more easily cleaned. Terracotta tiles are low on price and lend an old-world charm but are porous and not suited for bathrooms.

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