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Protect children from internet pornography

Photo credit: TheGuardian

Children are exposed to violent and sadistic imagery which risks distorting their attitudes towards relationships and sex, according to the children’s commissioner for England.

A report released on Thursday by the commissioner’s office found that children who watch pornography are more likely to develop sexually risky behaviour and become sexually active at a younger age.It called for urgent action to “develop children’s resilience to pornography” after discovering that a significant number have access to sexually explicit images.

It also called on the Department for Education to ensure all schools delivered effective relationship and sex education, including how to use the internet safely.

via Protect children from internet pornography, report demands | Education | The Guardian.

Speed Up Your PC by Removing the Useless Apps

One way of speeding up a PC is reducing the bloat of system startup. Some useless apps slow down a computer’s boot-up speed because these apps, although unused, are scheduled to load when the computer turns on. If you don’t mind keeping the programs but want to gain startup efficiency, run “msconfig” — a system-configuration utility in Windows 7 that will let you select individually which applications load when the computer powers up.

When some programs uninstall, they leave residual files, settings or folders on your computer. Although you can remove them manually if you wish, these lingering components will usually not affect your computer’s operation once the program itself is disabled or deleted.

via Speed Up Your PC by Removing the Useless Apps That Come With Your New Computer | eHow.