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Women never say “sorry”. Oh! Read a Top 5

Men and women still have a string of complaints about each other till today, a new survey has revealed. The survey was conducted on 2,000 people by laundry firm Dr Beckmann.

Photo credit: Mid-day

“Our research shows the veneer of metrosexuality and ‘new man’ is wearing very thin and that men are as annoying as ever,” a major newspaper quoted Susan Fermor, a spokesman for the firm, as saying.

“Women are no angels either. We may be in the 21st century but we still annoy the opposite sex in exactly the same way we have been doing for millennia,” she said.

The top most habit that men find annoying is women saying “I’m fine” when they’re clearly not.

Another reason is that women talk too much.

The third most annoying habit of women is that they constantly ask what men are thinking.

Another reason is that women win arguments by crying, which according to Sweet, have two sides to this.

The last among the top five list is that women never say “sorry” even when they are wrong.

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