Pregnancy as performance art?

Childbirth is a beautiful experience for most mothers. So beautiful, in fact, that some of them want to show it to the whole world, like actress Shwetha Menon.



You know how we complain about pesky baby pictures on our friends’ walls on Facebook because we don’t want to be subjected to every little detail about the tiny one and how he spends his day? Actor Shwetha Menon’s baby has stolen all those babies’ thunder in a big way, because her mommy gave birth to her on Thursday on camera, and that’s going to be part of a movie!

Kalimannu, a Malayalam film, being directed by Blessy, is about the relationship of the baby with her mother, before and after birth, and during the delivery. Through her pregnancy, Shwetha acted in the film. Three cameras were positioned in her labour room, and kept rolling till 45 minutes after the baby was born and Shwetha kissed her on the forehead.

If you’ve started cringing a little already, brace yourself, because we’ve just begun. Shwetha’s case isn’t the first instance of childbirth being presented as performance art, and because we’d like to educate you in ‘pregnancy performance art’, we’re going to tell you all about these camera-friendly mommies.

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