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Do you’ve ideas? You’ve power too…

Your ideas can make a difference to the world around you. Don’t give them up. Keep trying.

Harsha and her friends sat chatting about the invention of anti-rape lingerie by college students in Chennai. The news was trending on Twitter. The international media raved over it. “Wonder where they got the idea from?” Harsha commented. “We will never hear the end of it,” grumbled Prachi. “My parents have already started: why can’t you be inventive and all that.”

Photo credit: The Hindu

The anti-rape lingerie came about as some people’s response to life around them. In the aftermath of the Delhi gang rape, it became increasingly clear that the threat of sexual violence was not the stuff of movies. It was very real. Everyone was outraged. But it took a few students to come up with a likely solution. Whether the product will be effective or commercially viable is not the moot point here. That some students took the initiative to look for a solution, and applied their knowledge and skills to come up with one is significant.

It is significant because it is a rare instance of Indian students applying knowledge in a real world scenario. Knowledge is life-oriented. It is only for the convenience of study that we have chunked it into subjects. Unfortunately, though, this has fragmented our vision and most of us stop with acquiring knowledge and do not go on to apply it.

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